by Jay Tausig

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Artwork by ED UNITSKY..
This is a concept album that was written and recorded in about 2-3 weeks December of 2015.
I did not intend for it to be so. It just fell together in a very magical way, one song after the next...40 of them in fact.
The general topics are Relationships, Love, Loss, Death, Fulfillment, The Mystical Nature of things, and finding that the light at the end of the tunnel is always...Here.
During the course of these recordings I was not really keeping track of how many things were being laid down.
The intention from the start was to create a series of tunes that were not band songs, but solo songs that could be realistically played live without the assistance of other instrumentation. So these songs are "stripped down" in a way. The arrangements are based on the Guitar/ Vocal or Piano / Vocal which were recorded Live most of the time. The instruments I chose to accompany these performances were Cello, Violin, Alto and Tenor Sax, Pennywhistle, Clarinet, Bass, Mellotron.
The mixing of this record was a challenge in the sense that I recorded the songs in a way so that there were no silences in between songs, to give the feel of a continuous flow. I ended up breaking things apart at the end due to inconsistencies of the EQ settings, etc...But I think it all ended up in the way I was hoping anyway...
I'll come back to this "About" section and add some further insight soon...Life beckons.


released January 11, 2016

Written and Produced by Jay Tausig
Vocals, Piano, Acoustic 6 and 12 string guitars, Violin, Cello, Sax, Sitar. Bass, Clarinet, Penny whistle, Mellotron.



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Track Name: 1. Intro - 2. Dust- 3. Always With Me Now - 4. Suspended - 5.Transition (instrumental)
Who knows why it all gets so crazy?
who can tell when it all goes wrong?
There's no tell-tale sign, no reason no rhyme
And everything seems out of place
It all shifts out of focus
And it never goes like you planned
The time slips by and you'll never know why
Or how things got so far out of hand.
Who can you turn to now?
And who can you truly trust?
In the end it known, even hearts made of stone
Soon enough crumble into dust
Soon Enough Crumble Into Dust

Caught in a landslide
A whirlwind of lost time and sad goodbye's
So many times before in the cold light of the morning
Searching Still
The sky held no answers
nor oceans of sadness
Nor sands of time
And your'e always with me now
In the moonlight like a whisper
Yes your'e always with me now
You're always with me now...

Not a moment too soon
You walked into the room
Changed my point of view
then left me stranded
Now I'm standing here
I could simply dissappear
Fall into the fear you've somehow created.
Mesmerized, the tears fall from my eyes
But I'm least of all surprised the way things ended
With static on the screen
Somewhere in between life and death
With static on the screen
Somewhere in between life and death
Track Name: 6. Not The Same
How easy to slip, only dreaming your time away
Growing weary of all the words
They were never enough to fully describe
So much emotion tangled up inside
All these dreams will slowly fade away
Until all you've been learning to see
is no longer reality
So soon forgotten
So easily cast aside
When we open our eyes to the new day
It's not so easy to forget the way things once were
I just can't seem to releate
Or come to any realization
When all that you've known is somehow different
It's not the same without you HERE.
It's not the same without you HERE.
Track Name: 7. Returning - 8. Are We Just Good Friends?
Returning once more
Into places you thought you left behind
These thoughts of you fill my mind
And there's no telling
just what we might find through love's open door
We could sail through through endless sky
Through time and tide
In perfect balance, side by side.
Side by side.
It's a mystery these emotions on the rise.
And all we ever wanted
Seemed so far out of reach
The days roll by and I still can't find
The right words to speak.
And I know that I'm half insane
These feelings I have I just can't explain
And oh how things change
Oh how things change.
These thoughts of you fill my mind
And there's no telling
just what we might find through love's open door
We could sail through through endless sky
Through time and tide
In perfect balance, side by side.
Side by side.

Are we just good friends
In this game of pretend?
This masquerade has gone on far too long.
Won't you tell me where I stand
Won't you tell me where I stand?
I will try to be strong, simply smile and move on
This house of cards is falling down
Ever falling down.
When worlds collide are we left the same people inside?
All the spaces we've filled
All the time that's been killed.
It all get's so strange, It all get's so strange...
When all the love that you have ever known
Leaves you feeling more completely alone
I'll take one last shot
I can't be something I'm not.
So are we just good friends?
Let us no longer pretend.
Track Name: 12. Gabrielle In The Moonlight 13. A Love Eternal 14.Haunted (Instrumental) 15. Climbing Up (Instrumental)
Gabrielle in the moonlight
Cloak of shimmering silver
Wheels in the sky keep turning around
Ancient observations|
Pointing the way home.
When the moon is right
We will all gather HERE
Dance the dance of the eternal wheel
Ancient calculations
Pointing the way home
Gabrielle in the moonlight
Cloak of shimmering silver
Wheels in the sky keep turning around
Ancient observations
Finding your way home
Finding your way home.

It's a strange magic
A wondrous spell you weave
You took me by surprise
and then you took your leave
Oh, the rivers run dry
To find you I would walk the lonely miles
Face all the danger
Survive all the trials
Oh and all the while
There are no words left to say
No point in retracing the steps that led to today
We walk these miles alone
Seperately we seek the same vision
A love without condition
A precious thing so rare
A dream you thought you never would share
Now awake, raise the stakes
Watching as the whole drama unfolds
You never really know
We walk these miles alone
Seperately we see
it all makes sense eventually
We stop to count the cost
Finding that there's nothing that's ever truly lost
In a love eternal
A love eternal.
Track Name: 16. No Ghost In The Machine
A ghost in the machine
The feeling you get all is quite what it seems
No trick of the mind
No, more than this
Paralell lines, windows through time
This burning in the brain
A cold and secret flame
Returning once more from a lifetime in exile
Bearing the weight of the load
Still out in the cold...still out in the cold
I can hear your voice on the wind
I can feel your presensce grow
It's no ghost in the machine, no ghost in the machine
Track Name: 17. Lines Drawn In The Sand
Lines drawn in the sand
I stand on solid ground
I breathe you in and sometimes I cry out loud,
"It's all so strange, this sudden change"
With everything to lose, no time to choose
I hold the line.
So far yet to climb
looking for any sign
Sometimes it makes no sense at all
And when I look at it just right
I get the sense that I might turn this whole thing around
Been so many years flying through this space
Just might make it out of here OK
Dream of a day not so very different from now
It all just seems to slip away so soon
It's the blink of an eye
Oooh it's only one moment in time
Cast into shadow
The severed ties
no time's been wasted
It's the anatomy of all things
It's the struggle of life and death that was written
In her eyes
So we fly through this wilderness
No escaping the emptiness
But there's a certain peace of mind
In a calm place
Of strange complacency
At a cost that's far too high
A casualty casually walking blind
through the battlefield of his own mind....
Track Name: 18. In Paradox 19. A Sensible Man (Accapella) 20. Dream Together The Sky 21. A Spiderweb Tangle 22. Here We Go Again 23. Madrigal
When the dust has settled and this is all crystal clear
We can't settle in for the ride, our destination is near
More or less, finding there's nothing to fear
from the loss of everything to the thrill of the chase
It'll all make sense in the long run
Long after we've left the race
Mostly somewhere else, mostly all the time
Climbing up from the wreckage
You've mnanaged to blur all the lines
While removing all sense of security
retracted from space and time
Let's fight it out now, tear it all down
Before it's too late
Let's rip out the wires, light up the sky
Blame it on faith
You can blame yourself too, for your own inaction
You can sit there and stew till you get the reaction
It's all been building up to,
It's all been building up.
When you look at it right, when you crunch the numbers
You find it all works out the same
No winners no losers in this game
No winners no losers
Oh it all works out right, there's only one thing left to say
When the moment is right, lightning may strike
No matter what you do or say...
Finding out now nothing is simple
Only passing time In Paradox
In contradiction
In Paradox.

A sensible would have learned his lesson a long time ago
A sensible man, would have let this thing go
A sensible man would have learned his lesson.

Onward we go
Losing all sense of time
In the movement of life itself
And you never really know how it goes
We roll with the changes, we turn with the tides
All is perfect in hindsight.
In my mind I can see it all so clearly now
We can find our way back somehow.
Far off distant galaxies I can see in your eyes
When this dream is over my love
we'll dream together the sky
Oh we'll dream together the sky
Where this all goes I'm not really sure anymore
But we'll be free at last
The gentle breezes remind me
Of things unseen, of things that can't last
We are merely actors in the play with an ever changing cast
Faster and faster we spin out of control now
Into the future somehow.
In my mind i can see it all so clearly now
We can make it back somehow...

It's a simple thing really
This turning of the page
This waiting for the next stage
Each new development bringing further complexity
A spiderweb tangle
Teeth dripping with the blood of angels and desperate men
wanderes all
Ah, HERE we go again...

HERE we go again
Off on some wild tangent
Pulling these things from out of thin air
Pulling these strings on a dare.
All becoming clearer now
Last fading rose of the summer
In the last fading rays of the sun
Thoughts oh so random go racing away
They complicate things oh so strange
Representations of the real world just outside
Under the light of the moon
So soon the cup overflows
Last fading rose of the summer
In the last fading rays of the sun...
Track Name: 27. More Than One Side 28. Another Fine Day 29. Long Way From Home 30. In Golden Slumbers Gone 31. Buried In The Past 32. Something Greater 33. Drifting Along (Instrumental) 34.Your Secret Language 35. Theatre Empty (Accapella) 36. Up Come The Spotlight (Freefall) 38. Off With The Hat 39.Tarot
There's a certain magic in the air tonight
Get on my wavelength you can feel it just right
We can go a'gliding and a'sliding through space
All in the short time that it takes to leave this place
We are the wanderer's
Here on this earthly plane and through the universe
And all the while were yearning, still learning to see
More than one side of the story
How much longer will it take before we find ourselves free
Living with no illusion
The captain takes his hands from the wheel of fate
No one's steering this ship anymore
For all we know were lost at sea with no sign of any shore
Been away so long in time
forgotten what I'm fighting for
And all the while were yearning, still learning to see
More than one side of the story
And all the while were yearning, still learning to see
More than one side of the story
How much longer will it take til we find ourselves free
Living with no illusion.

Another fine day here in paradise
Once more plugged in to the thought machine
Still The words I read well they don't interest me
The news only serves to distract
Seems to me they've lost their way and gone off the tracks
And there's no turning back
The course is set
The case is packed
for the journey home, for the journey home
All this time I've spent so far away from here
My mind goes racing down the years
All the many roads we walked upon
All Those memories are with me still
And love is the one thing that time cannot kill.
Another fine day here in the future
I get my information from a screen
Seeing only what others dream
And life here is strange
There's no fear anymore
And life here is strange

There's no turning back this time
There's only one way this thing can go
There's a storm coming soon
I can feel it in my soul, through and through
Long Way From Home
HERE we are glory bound
Adrift upon an ocean of sound
It takes me away to another time and place
A perfect state of grace in endless motion
Still a long way from home
Still a long way from home
And for one moment then we are freed from the past
Setting sights and sails to future horizons
Setting sights and sails to future horizons
Still no closer to home
Still no closer to home
There in the distance
Oh I can see
Ghost ships on the horizon
Could be a trick of the light
Seeing only what I want to see
Cold waves rise to embrace me

I've been thinking about what to say
But I just can't frame the words
It all gets so absurd
And I just don't understand
how I could have been mistaken
And I know that there's nothing wrong
It's only imagination
It's only Imagination
Haunted by these dreams
Half aware
How the world around us has changed
In Golden slumbers gone
So many roads It all becomes clear
All paths lead to home...
He was that rare breed, lord of the flip
Royal holiness of the far out
Prophet of the hip
Gone to his reward now
Gone to his reward
Though he would probably disagree
He left a lasting impression on the world around him
Now he's off back home in space
Now he's off back home in Space

One thing I know for sure
There's not a single moment to waste
Standing frozen here
locked in some deeper fear
Lifetime's ago...
Buried in the past
You thought so safely locked away
Oh but it comes back to haunt you
in your times of weakness
Tear stained pages torn from the book
Thrown into the flames
No need for a closer look
Let's finish the chapter
Let's hope that it all turns out well
We've got a story to sell you
Something to tell you
There's no one to blame so we'll blame you.
In Retrospect
So much to learn
So much to forget

Seems to me a lifetime has gone by
In a flash
In the blink of an eye
So we gather up our strength
And we shore up our wilI
Into the slipstream we ride
Into the slipstream
Oh turn back the time once more for me
With poetry and rhyme
The trees they speak in ancient tongue
The stones in rings reminders for everyone
Of Something Greater
From a time that is lost
Something greater than ourselves
Feet firmly planted on the ground
Head is floating in outer space
And I'm wondering where the time goes
Where the time goes...

You drifted so far away
Your smile betrayed things untold
The story unfolding still
The time goes slipping by and I find no answers
I'd trade it all right now
If I thought there was some other way to turn
I'd learn to speak your secret language
Your secret language wraps around my tongue
as my world comes undone
If I could find the words
If I could only speak
without twisting around my meaning
When at last all of this is over
What have we become
When the curtain call is done
At The closing of the play

The theatre is empty it is time to go home.

Up come the spotlight
Stark naked on the stage
He still can hold his own
Like someone half his age
It turns to the point of ridiculous
Method acting the abstract the insane
HERE we go this is freefall
His lines are forgotten
HERE we are in freefall, his lines are forgotten now
All the lines are blurred, in freefall
His lines are forgotten now...
Let's raise a toast to the man on the tightrope
Let's have a round of applause
As he holds his head up high
The hero without a cause...

Meanwhile out in the garden we wander beneath the stars
Thinking thoughts of eternity
The turning of a friendly card
From the deck we pull the wheel of fate
The hangman and the star
the priestess and the devil
The hermit and the ace of wands
The cards tell no lies offering only signs
She has flown over the rainbow singing a song for the moon
Casting her line she's biding her time it's all returning soon
Spell out your name in the sand and I am with you.
Eyes closed the window wide
The cards will show the open mind
Future's unfolding leaving this past behind
Spell out your name in the sand and I'm with you...
Track Name: 40. Here
Here in the present moment
here if only for the day
So when the night falls
I must go away
No pretending I could ever stay
And so we say our fond farewells
No Regrets
No Remorse
There is no time better than now
It is all that we may have
At last freed from the bonds
and the bounds of time
The dreaming and the awakening
And the holding ever on
And so we learn at last to finally let go
To loosen our grasp and finally come to know
Where this all goes
How the energy flows
How systematic it all seems from a distance
But when you look up close
You find there was never any hope
of knowing while we sit here and smile
Trading our jokes and our stories
Finding sources of inspiration
Climbing up the towers of belief
But finding no relief simply breathing in breathing out
Out HERE at the vanishing point
Finding clearly no more
All the things you thought you knew for sure
Oh how it all disintegrates
Finding that sanity's been flung out the door
All we've been waiting for...
Precisely what were those things?
I cant remember now
So much different in the aftermath
Glowing embers of the distant past
Exploding like stars out in space
We are the ones
Out HERE in space we are the chosen ones
The one's to explore
To Feel
to know
The one's to explore
To Feel
and to finally know
How carefree we cut the strings
We pray that we know what were doing
We say as much as is necessary
to fill in most of the blanks
And I give thanks for all that remains
And I know that I won't soon forget
Or ever come to regret
The stage is set
HERE at the new beginning
HERE at the new beginning
I stare into the void
The broken trail of calamity
and all that's been destroyed
HERE on the rebound
HERE in this transitional state
Waiting for the ricochet
Waiting for the ricochet
Say what you must to get through the day
We've gained some insight along the way
We've learned to navigate the broken path
Each major shift
Each grain of the hourglass
Raining down on my soul
Flowing through my mind
The meaning escapes me every time
Hallowed Ground Shallow Grave
Shadow falling across the stage
HERE the wind moans, ghostly whispers, HERE
HERE but no longer HERE
Transparent I can see clear through the illusion
Transparent I can see through the confusion
Transparent I can see clear through you now..